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Custom Solutions for Drilling & Completions Projects in the Permian Basin

Lone Star Pipe & Supply is committed to providing our customers with high quality OCTG products, service, and craftsmanship in an ethical and fair manner.  We provide our customers with a friendly and open atmosphere and strive to help them be successful by having cost effective and efficient processes.   


Lone Star Pipe & Supply is proud to have engineered the EZGO™ Connections, an innovative line of fully customizable semi-premium and premium connections.

With over 1,000,000 ft of EZGO™ HT and HTGT in wells across North America, EZGO™ Connections have been proven to excel in the most extreme applications, including the horizontal wells of the Permian Basin. 

Our clients work directly with the Head Engineer of the EZGO™ Connections to customize the connections to meet their specific requirements for torque, pressure, make-up and more. 


LOne star pipe & Supply



Based in Midland, Texas, we are an OCTG supplier, threading facility, and manufacturer, all in one. Customers come to us for all of their project requirements, from threading to designing and manufacturing custom products.  


We offer high quality OCTG products, including high grade casing and tubing,and premium and semi-premium connections.  The exclusive partnership with our manufacturer gives us the ability to ship directly from the mill to anywhere in the U.S.



Our experienced team works closely with our clients to customize each order and ensure that all of their specifications are met.  We can cover every customer need,  from coventional to unconventional drilling design.  

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